Play - The Lounge is a premier club in Kamala Mills which harbours a unique blend of boisterous games, riveting tunes, and some of the most delicious food. Play is revered as the venue of choice for music lovers and celebrities alike, with a line-up of local and international DJs week after week.

Play - The Lounge’s distinctive feature is its exciting range of drinking games. Get a King’s Cup table and play the house party favourite: King’s Cup – the same rules but with a mini bar that pops up to serve drinks. Play Alcho-Hockey – where your favourite table game: Air Hockey, meets your favourite friend: alcohol. Play Chess with Shots for pawns, Ludo And Shots – a boozy take on Ludo, and a myriad of games to bring out your competitive side.

The über-chic space has redefined the standard of hospitality in Mumbai. With expertly crafted food ranging from Italian to American, Play brings a new face to the clubbing experience by coalescing the best of food and dance music.